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Take action and invest in your own  growth and professional development

Creating Your Best Life Starts Here

Welcome and thank you for stopping by my site. At Boldly Courageous Life, I promise to support, motivate, and empower you on your journey to become and reconnect with the best version of who you are created to be. One step at a time, one day at a time, until you experience abundant, bold, and courageous living in all areas of your life!

Are you now, or have you ever felt stuck; frustrated with the way things are in your work, your finances, your relationships, and your overall spiritual well-being? Are you feeling uncertain how to change from being overwhelmed and dis-empowered? Are you afraid to act toward your dreams because you think you are not enough??

Well…it is no coincidence that you stopped at Boldly Courageous Life’s page; I am here for you! I am ready to partner with you, walk along side you as you navigate, discover, and unleash the Divine potential inside of you! I will support you (one brave step at a time) as you let your light lead you into the best possible version of your Bold and Courageous Life!

I look forward to taking this journey with you. You have entered a safe zone here. Are you ready to live a life that honors your Authentic, Bold and Courageous Self? Decide where you want to go from here! Start now and start here!

Goal Setting

Desire, intention, and goal setting are the important first parts of the transformation process

Stress Management

We all are worthy of purpose, meaning, love, and understanding,

Career Advice

Make things happen in your career and personal life.

Frequently Asked Questions?

What is the difference between Coaching and Counselling?

Coaching starts where you are today, and helps you gain clarity of where, and who you want to be in the future. And Counseling starts with how you got where you are today, and proceeds to help you confront and move forward. Coaching may in rare instances explore  your past behavior, to enhance the perspective shift forward.

How do I know that Boldly Courageous Life is the right Coaching for me?

At Boldly Courageous Life, we have a few questions for you to answer (online), which you email back to us, once you are ready to make a shift). Thereafter you can schedule a FREE 30 minute introduction session, where we speak on the phone, to determine coach-client compatibility. After this initial session we help you select a service that would benefit you most. Sometimes clients are best served by a therapist, a mentor or consultant and not by a Coach.

How do I make payments for coaching sessions?

In the coaching agreement, (i.e. after compatibility session) we partner to determine the coaching that will most benefit your particular situation. Once that is agreed upon, there is a secure payment page, where you may use  pay-pal, or a credit card, cash app, or square.. to make your payments online.

Are You Looking for the Best Neuro Transformational Life Coach in the Washington, DC Area?

Life presents many challenges, both personally and professionally, and having the confidence to face them head on can be difficult. Are you looking for a life coach in Washington, DC? Boldly Courageous Life offers a range of life coach services designed to help you to live your most authentic self. Whether you want an interview coach to prepare you for the next step of your career journey, or you want a life coach in the DC Metro Area that can motivate and empower you in all aspects of life, you have come to the right place.

Boldly Courageous Life is the Top Neuro Transformational Life Coach in Washington, DC

What is the difference between coaching and counselling? While counselling can help you resolve challenges of the past, your DC area life coach and interview coach at Boldly Courageous Life can help you focus on the future by helping you in creating your best life. Remove frustration and hassle from your life in all aspects such as finances, relationships, and professional endeavors.

DC Area Life Coach – The Smart Way to Find a Coach

Are you trying to find a life coach near you? At Boldly Courageous Life, we help people from all walks of life achieve their most authentic self. If you are interested in becoming more empowered and motivated in everything that you do, please schedule an appointment today for the best life coach by calling us at (240) 435-2029.

About Me

Having worked for over 25 years in clinical pathology in South Africa and the Washington DC metro area, as well as in several states in North America; my training to explore, pinpoint, examine, and diagnose a presenting pathology has proven beneficial to my Transformation Coaching work at Boldly Courageous Life.

Coaching, if you will, requires the same attention-to-detail, and results-oriented model that needs me to be fully present with my clients; to focus microscopically on the underlying issue of the presenting symptoms, and to move together with my clients toward the best solutions.


Bongiwe is an extremely caring and insightful coach. In our coaching sessions, she followed the ACERA process and worked to ensure that I had addressed and brought to resolution my presenting challenges.”

Terrie, B., Maryland.

Coaching with Bongiwe for 3 months, was a rewarding and empowering experience for me. At  each coaching session, she created a positive and judgment free space where I felt heard and supported. At the time I was struggling with self-esteem issues as well as feeling stuck and afraid to make decisions that I needed to make.

Jocelyn K, Johannesburg SA.

I highly recommend Bongiwe Kulu as a coach. I have worked with Bongiwe over the last four months and have found her to be professional, trustworthy, and efficient in providing her coaching service..”

Louise A, Italy.

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So What’s the Plan?

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Make the shift; start now, start here

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My Book

Are you tired of feeling frustrated, unfulfilled and STUCK? Are YOU ready to get UNSTUCK, to re-connect with your Bold and Courageous self that you used to be? Come on in! You got this!

In How to Get UNSTUCK To Become the Boldly Courageous YOU, Bongiwe Kulu has outlined a practical, simple and do-able process to help you get unstuck and live your best life yet!

My Book

Are you tired of feeling frustrated, unfulfilled and STUCK? Are YOU ready to get UNSTUCK, to re-connect with your Bold and Courageous self that you used to be? Come on in! You got this!

In How to Get UNSTUCK To Become the Boldly Courageous YOU, Bongiwe Kulu has outlined a practical, simple and do-able process to help you get unstuck and live your best life yet!

How You Can Engage Me as a Coach

During the initial exploratory call I support you to determine clearly what your desired transformational outcome, or goal, is by working with me as your coach. And based on your answers to the questionnaire you complete prior to, or during, this free call, we end the call knowing if we are a good fit or not, for you to achieve the empowered goals you desire. I am excited to support and serve those who are ready to live bold and courageously fulfilled lives. And are willing to take the necessary and consistent actions to transform into their highest selves.

Helping You Find and Forge Your Own Path

Are you looking for the best top life coaches in DC? Boldly Courageous Life is your personal life and career coach specializing in personal building and career building. As the top life coach in the Washington, DC area, and your committed interview coach, we can help you build success.

Don’t Wait Any Longer. Start Forging Your Own Path Today!