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Boldly Courageous Life was born out of sheer necessity.

That was a time in my life when I arrived at a place of knowing with certainty that there is more to life than my current state.  This is where I was in 2017 feeling frustrated and unfulfilled with my job, confused about what to do next, and fearful about moving on the decisions that were necessary to change my current state of misery. Can you relate?

 It was at my Mom’s funeral, that it suddenly hit me, that life is short, and life is only ever fulfilling when lived with integrity to our Authentic Selves. It became crystal clear that I was not fulfilled with the state of my employment, my social life was nonexistent and I was showing up in my life, disempowered and de-energized!

It was time for a big change. It was time for me to show up as the Bold and Courageous me that I knew I was not honoring! That’s when I decided to get trained and become Certified as a Personal and Executive Life Coach with the CAPP Institute, a goal I achieved in 2018.  Being trained as a Coach has opened new doors for me. It has enabled me to serve and support  women who find themselves at a crossroad in their careers, personal lives and any area of influence. They, like I was, know there is more to life, but they feel stuck and unsure how to make the shift into a life of meaning and purpose.

Having worked for over 25 years in Clinical Pathology, in South Africa and the Washington DC metro area, as well as, in several states in North America; my training to explore, pinpoint, examine and diagnose a presenting pathology has proven beneficial to my Transformation Coaching work at Boldly Courageous Life.

Coaching, if you will, requires the same attention-to-detail, and results-oriented model that needs me to be fully present with my clients; to focus microscopically on the underlying issue of the presenting symptoms, and to move together with my clients toward the best solutions.

In my work, I delight in supporting, encouraging and empowering the client to determine a strategic plan of action which enables them to make the needed shift: from chaos to clarity, from perfectionism to progress and into a life that is in integrity with their Bold and Courageous selves.

If my story resonates with you, please take a moment to contact me and see if I can support you by identifying and eliminating the blockers that are hindering you from living your life fully and with meaning and purpose.



“What our Clients are saying about Boldly Courageous Life Coaching”


Bongiwe is an extremely caring and insightful coach. In our coaching sessions, she followed the ACERA process and worked to ensure that I had addressed and brought to resolution my presenting challenges. Bongiwe asked powerful questions and provided an environment for me that facilitated introspection. Her ability to listen is impeccable. It is for these reasons that I highly recommend Bongiwe as a life coach.

Terrie, B., Maryland.

I highly recommend Bongiwe Kulu as a coach. I have worked with Bongiwe over the last four months and have found her to be professional, trustworthy, and efficient in providing her coaching service.

Bongiwe has a natural affinity to make people feel at ease particularly when tackling difficult issues which can lead to being very emotional. She has the perfect balance of empathy and nudging to spur the client on. She allowed me to be vulnerable and express my fears and doubts while encouraging me to find strength in the solutions we explored.

An attentive and patient listener, Bongiwe was able to guide and support me through some very challenging relational issues using her knowledge and intuition effectively. I benefited also from knowing that she values her beliefs, and consequently was free to explore my challenges/issues also from a spiritual standpoint. 

The effect of Bongiwe’s coaching was two-fold. On the one hand; I was able to articulate what was on my mind and heart which was sometimes heavy and unclear to me, on the other; I was able to get clarity thanks to Bongiwe’s thought provoking questions which in turn enabled me to shift perspective and engage in finding appropriate solutions. Bongiwe’s encouragement and support was key in getting me unstuck and allowing me to find my feet to take action towards moving forward.

Louise A, Italy.

Coaching with Bongiwe for 3 months, was a rewarding and empowering experience for me. At  each coaching session, she created a positive and judgment free space where I felt heard and supported. At the time I was struggling with self-esteem issues as well as feeling stuck and afraid to make decisions that I needed to make.

During the coaching sessions, she asked me powerfully probing questions which allowed me to introspect and shift my thinking to see the possibilities that I had not previously navigated. Her empathy and encouragement empowered me to approach my challenges from a place of strength that I was downplaying. This allowed me to progressively regain my self- esteem, and to dare to set and accomplish goals that were outside my comfort zone.

Coach Bongiwe is professional, respectful and supports you step by step to maximize your strengths in order to accomplish your goals. I highly recommend her as a coach if you are feeling stuck and unsure of how to get where you know you need to be!

Jocelyn K, Johannesburg SA.

Bongiwe has truly been a caring and intuitive coach. She is focused on the clients needs and makes sure to gently press in order to reach the purpose of the coaching. She asks thought provoking questions that make you think and uncover your truth. Bongiwe also made sure that I took actions towards accomplishing my goals. She is an awesome coach!!!   

Gail G, South Carolina