For each of us there comes a time, a season in life when we must decide; I AM ENOUGH! I am just as able as anyone out there to live a bold and courageous life! Of course, this moment of awakening to truth, is different for each of us depending on the extenuating circumstances. In many cases the trigger for our self awareness is brought about by a significant rocking of our life by an unexpected/expected life event; such as death, divorce, rejection, job loss, betrayal etc.

In my case, this pivotal moment came 2 years ago, as I sat in a church during the funeral service for my Mom. As I listened to one person after another stand up and eulogize my Mom, I was profoundly touched by the gratitude they expressed about my Mom’s positive and compassionate impact on their lives. They spoke of a person who made a significant difference by having crossed their life paths.

I decided there and then, that it was time to stop acting small, so that others are not intimidated by my light! Those beautiful eulogies about my Mom’s life, reminded me that God already had a purpose for my life before He knit me together in my mother’s womb. I decided that I am enough! I decided now was the time for me to stand up with boldness and courage; to fulfill my purpose and live a life of meaning as Mom had.

Getting back home, I searched for reputable Coach training and certification programs with renewed intentionality. And yes I went on to sign up for training and got certified in 2018 as a Personal and Executive Life Coach.

For as long as I can remember, I have been unofficially motivating, encouraging and supporting others (friends, family, coworkers, acquaintances) to be more and do more. It is fulfilling to me, when I partner with others; walk alongside them as they navigate life …and see them reconnect with what aligns to their core values.

It brings me so much joy to see someone formulate and work a strategic actionable plan, that changes the trajectory of their life in a positive way! What a gift to self to be coached into an empowered and energized person who has a myriad of possibilities that thrust you into your best self ever!

Say this boldly: I AM ENOUGH!!  I can be, I can create, and I can live my best life ever!! Starting now, today, and here!! Because I AM ENOUGH!


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  1. Hlubi

    I’m inspired, thank you!