You are here, now, today, this present moment!

Are you happy, fulfilled, full of energy and a zest for life? Do you wake up every morning, ready to take on the day, and eager to make a positive impact in the world, your community, your family or whoever crosses your life path?

On the other hand; do you dread getting out of bed, to go again to a job that drains your energy (from the moment you walk in, until the end of work day), and where you feel under used and un- appreciated?

Are you tolerating toxic and dysfunctional relationships with friends, family or significant other? Because you fear setting healthy boundaries, you stay so that you are not lonely? Are your finances enough to take care of you daily, and in the event of  a life emergency?

My suggestion is to make some time, where you can sit quietly, peacefully with no distractions. With pen and paper in hand, ask yourself the following questions:

What do I really want?

Why do I want it?

How soon do I want it?

What do I need to do?

Who do I need to become to make this desired outcome a reality?

Is what I really want aligned with my core values or someone else’s?

Please note; when your life is aligned with your core values, you live motivated, energized and inspired to see what possibilities await you every day! However, if you live based on someone else’s values; you become burnt out, unfulfilled and totally drained!

Don’t rush to answer, take your time to go deep within yourself. Listen and see what comes up for you.

Remember: a journey of a thousand miles, begins with the first step.

So what is the one thing you are willing to do today, toward making your dream a reality?